Piano Lessons & Group Classes

Lessons are designed to follow a typical academic school year, beginning in the fall and ending in the spring of the following year. Summer lessons are offered on a more flexible schedule.

Weekly private lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long, depending on age and level of the student. Students attend one private lesson per week. Online lessons are offered.

Monthly group classes are 60 minutes long and are included in the tuition. These are wonderful opportunities for students to get comfortable performing. We regularly share music in various places around the community - everyone loves it!!

A little more about Group Classes. . . 

The purpose of a group class is to provide a multitude of skills a private lesson cannot typically offer, including but not limited to: performance opportunities, theory, composition, improvisation, and duet or ensemble activities.


Performing is an important skill every other musician is provided (strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion almost always participate in orchestras or ensembles). Pianists are not as easily provided with this special opportunity.


Regular exposure to a performance setting can help minimize or eliminate anxiety and promote a love of performing. Learning to work with others and perform in front of piers is a vital skill for every student that can improve their ability to adapt in a multitude of situations and be more confident in areas outside of music!

Performance Opportunties

Students are expected to perform in a studio recital at the end of each semester. The Winter Recital in December will consist of standard repertoire and holiday music. The Spring Recital in May will consist of various genres of music. High-School seniors are expected to perform a solo recital of 30-60 minutes in length. Wow! What an accomplishment!

Students are encouraged to participate in outside competitions, contests, and festivals. Information on such events will be provided to the students and parents/guardians. These events are a great chance for students to work towards a specific goal, experience performance, and receive constructive critiques and compliments from other pianists!





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